Give Your Visual Merchandising Display and Props a Dessert

By on October 3, 2011 — Updated on January 6, 2013

The table is set for lunch and you have started you meal with mouth watering mango pickles, then you started scooping the dishes and so on. When after few minutes of enjoying your meals and no dessert will served, your feeling would be like you have attended a culmination program with no closing remarks.

Your display and props will also be like a lunch without dessert if you will not apply necessary finishing touches into it. Here are some desserts for your visual merchandising display and props.

Binder Medium (Acrylic Emulsion) – We are ordering our art material from Singapore and they call this TG Medium; in Philippines it is simply called emulsion. This is like white glue that is usually used as binder of metallic powder. You can use this as finishing coat to have glossy-look projects. Water-base paints will have lively and sharper color when coated with binder medium.

Glitters Powder – It is available in different colors. A tiny luster makes big difference; it keeps your project twinkling.

Space Fillers – Don’t leave your window display with awkward spaces. If there are areas that will make you display awkward and you think you have no more materials to add, use curls of paper strips, crumpled cloth, doodles of ribbons or any other stuffs you can find around to solidify and harmonize your display. Those materials you use to cover the empty areas are what we call space fillers.

A balloon display is even better to look at closer with curls of ribbons but ribbons are not only for balloon display, there more uses like space filler as one example.

Captions – You can add some notes to your display. These could be product information, instructions, the theme or a related quotation to trigger more interest to you customers.

Do you know more desserts for visual merchandising display and props? Let us talk about it in the comments.

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