What is a Visual Merchandiser?

By on November 2, 2011 — Updated on February 22, 2013

visual merchandiser is professional who does the activity of promoting the sale of goods, especially by their presentation in retail outlets. He or she implements the merchandising technique, called visual merchandising, which effectively uses the design of an environment via visual communications, lighting, colors, music and scent to stimulate customers’ perceptual and emotional response and ultimately to affect their purchase behavior.

 Visual Merchandiser Job Description

Job description varies depending upon the company who offers the job vacancy but to give the view of what does visual merchandisers do, these the list of the most common activities of a visual merchandiser from Prospect – the UK’s Official Graduate Careers Website and other sites.

  • Do all graphical artworks related to the advertising and promotion (this is usually for graphic designer cum visual merchandiser);
  • liaise with various suppliers for all output and implementation of advertising and promotion materials and display materials;
  • conducting research based on lifestyle concepts and trends, as well as store and/or regional attributes;
  • creates timely merchandise displays throughout store or defined area and creates an enjoyable, easy shopping experience for the customer to maximize revenue and customer satisfaction;
  • developing floor plans and sketching designs and maximizing the space and layout of the store;
  • sourcing materials and display elements, such as lighting, props and accessories;
  • installing and dismantling displays, using available space to the best advantage;
  • prepare and display merchandise for showroom, unpacking of pictures, accessories, and lamps
  • maintain a clean and orderly display of merchandise in the showroom
  • dressing mannequins and making use of creative lighting for window displays;
  • preparing for promotional events and dismantling displays at the end of promotional periods;
  • giving feedback to head office and liaising closely with merchandisers and buyers;
  • visiting other stores in the area, working with in-store sales staff and helping to develop their understanding of presentation;
  • preparing and display merchandise for showroom, setting up a ‘model’ or ‘mock’ store according to the company’s latest design directives, and then photographing the store’s windows, walls and displays in order to create a visual merchandising pack to send out to other stores (to ensure consistency with the company brand and image);
  • use and understanding of color coordination, visual balance, and interior design in order to maintain the showroom to the highest standard;
  • implementing the designs and plans created by the visual merchandising manager and the creative director, and which may involve work such as lifting, carrying and climbing ladders

Visual Merchandiser Job Requirements

Diploma in Visual Merchandising or related fields like Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Fashion Sales, Fashion Management, Fashion Merchandising, Retail Management, Interior Design and Fine Arts.

Proficient in Microsoft Office, Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw and Adobe Photoshop. 3D Max and Autocad are also sometimes required.

At least 1 year experience in related fields most preferably experience in retail industry.

Good communication skills and planning and management skills and better attitude are also necessary.

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    Visual merchandiser is a tough job.Only people with dedication, discipline with this kind of job is qualified.
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