How To Shoot Cylindrical Products in Better and Attractive Ways

By on December 4, 2011 — Updated on September 28, 2012

“You are better than this!” If you ever have watched the Puss in Boots, you are familiar with this line. This is the advice of Imelda to Humpty Dumpty and Puss in Boots which the latter reiterated to Humpty Dumpty to make something better.

In shooting a cylinder form product, like a can of sardines, milk or powdered chocolate drinks, you can also do something better than what you use to do. Here are some basic ideas on how to shoot cylindrical products.

1. Avoid that the product will look like square or rectangle in the photo.

Make sure to show a little top potion of the product when shooting its side to easily identify it that is in a cylindrical form. Just show a little portion, do not overdo it.

2. Make sure that it will not look like circle.

When shooting its top portion make sure that your item on the phot won’t look like circle. Do not shoot perpendicularly downward. As reverse with No. 1, show a little portion of the side.

3. In a group shot, avoid shooting your product in a side-by-side arrangement.

Try to use dynamic arrangement. If you have two items in a group, you can let one stand vertically and the other one is inclining.

4. Let the other items is the group stand the others are laid.

This is the best way to do if you want to show both product labels on the side and on the top of the product especially when the labels have important information to show.

5. Put the items in different distance from the camera.

This is still applicable in a group shot. The idea is to apply the Depth of Field in which some portion of your photo will become blurry. This technique is commonly use when the you have similar product to be shoot in group for a promotion like “3-for-1-Price” or “Get 5 Pieces for Only $3.”

6. Use stand and props.

Instead of shooting your items in a one-over-the-other position, use a stand to make your output better. If you have more than two items, pyramid and right triangle arrangements also work great.


Don’t forget, “You are better than this!” Just let the creative you come out.

Thank you for reading. Godspeed!

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    April 10, 2012 at 1:26 pm

    Thank you so much for this ang galeng!!!!

    Please swing by my page too!

  2. RonLeyba

    June 28, 2012 at 3:40 am

    It is all about photography angles. Being creative enough will make you and your photos stand out. Thanks for the above tips!
    I invite you to read: 8 Basic Camera Shots for Photography AmateursMy Profile

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