The Importance of Graphic Design on Visual Merchandising

By on August 28, 2012 — Updated on June 14, 2013

Guest Article by Kate Ford

Visual merchandising is the action and method of creating floor plans and 3 dimensional displays to maximize sales. This type of advertising can be used to depict both goods and services to highlight their features and benefits.

The purpose of visual merchandising is to attract customers to buy your product or service. These days graphic design is the best way for visual merchandising, which goes beyond verbal communication, relating text with visual images to provide information of products or services to the customer in an innovative way.

Day by day the use and the importance of graphic design is increasing in many industries especially visual merchandising and advertising.  For better visual merchandising with the help of graphic design you can hire an online marketing agency which is efficient and professional in visual merchandising.

Ranging from road sign to technical diagrams, memorandums and reference manuals, graphic design can be used for transfer of knowledge and visual advertising as encapsulation of visual design in text increases the readability and legibility of the ad’s for the customers. Some of the applications of graphic design in visual merchandising are:

  • Graphic design can help you to sell product or service by using effective visual communication. It can be used for effective visual representation of products and company elements such as logos, colors, packaging and text, this overall process is known as corporate identity which is a service offered by most of graphic designers. Corporate identity can be classified as a depiction of the company’s structure, ethos and company’s external image. For any company graphic designers will be a part of the team who are working on corporate identity and branding projects with marketing professionals, communications consultants and commercial writers.
  • Graphic design is used for designing many textbooks to present their content and text effectively and to make them interesting for readers. It is used in educational material to make the information more accessible and easily understandable for the readers.
  • The entertainment industry heavily use graphic design for decoration, scenery, and visual story telling. It is also used for designing novels, comic books, DVD covers, opening credits and closing credits in film-making.
  • Graphic design can be used for visually merchandising your product or service to include artwork on a t-shirt and other items to boost your sales.
  • Almost every newspapers, magazines, blogs, television and film documentation are using graphic design for advertising and to entertain.

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Kate Ford is Tech writer from the UK. Catch her @thetechlegend on Twitter

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