How to Use Your Digital Camera to Its Fullest Advantage

By on September 30, 2012 — Updated on September 29, 2012

Have you used your digital camera to its fullest advantage? Or have you only spent your dollars for a camera without enjoying much of it? Today, let us find out how you can enjoy using your digital camera and say that your dollars worth it.

Nowadays,  compact cameras and DSLRs (Digital Single Lens Reflex) have different settings. The available settings depend on the model of your camera; the common setting that can be found in many camera models are the following:

  • Portrait. The icon for portrait is head of a woman or a human head. I is good for shooting people or portraiture because it will often produce good skin color and if your camera is an elite model, your photo will have soft-skin effect.
  • Landscape. The icon for landscape is mountain which is like two triangles that are joined together and this is good for shooting natural scenes because this will produce good tones green and blue.
  • Macro. The icon for macro is like a tulip flower with two leaves and this is good for shooting tiny subjects and close-up shoots. This would very effective for compact cameras which has “super macro” setting and if you love to shoot ants and your jewelries.
  • High Speed. The icon for sports is like a running figure and this good for shooting moving subject to avoid  blur. You can also use this setting during low lights without flash to avoid blurry photo but it will also produce noise.
  • Night Scene. The icon for night scenes is either a crescent or man’s head and shoulder together with a star and this good for shooting subjects during night-time and indoor shoots.
  • Other Settings. There are also camera models which has more available settings intended for different purposes and scene, like setting for shooting documents, no flash, night portrait, red-eye reduction and more.
  • Advance Settings. These setting are intended for users with advance technical know-how. It includes fully manual, shutter priority and aperture priority setting. The mentioned settings will allow users to manually set the shutter speed and aperture value on the camera.

All of them are programmed for particular purposes and it is not just simply installed in your camera to add decoration, they were carefully studied and tested to have the best result so make use of them.

high speed photography

This photo and the featured photo above are captured using compact camera with auto high-speed setting.

 More random points to remember:

  1. Before press the shutter button of you DigiCam, make sure that you have set the right setting to have more beautiful photo.
  2. Check the the battery. Make sure that it is full changed especially before you travel.
  3. Transfer the files from the memory card to your laptop, pen drive, hard disk or CD so that it will have enough space for new photos and videos.
  4. If you camera has video, use it.
  5. Always bring you camera with you – except in prohibited places. Use your DigiCam. Don’t keep it in your bag or pouch.
  6. Bring mini-tripod and use timer for better self-portrait.
  7. If your camera has manual setting, learn to use it.
  8. Use ‘zoom’ for close up shots.
  9. To save more photos in a 1GB memory card, use lower resolution – 5MP is enough for personal use pictures.
  10. Share your photos and videos.

So, have you used your digital camera to its fullest advantage? How do you use it? Do you have any idea to share? Let us continue our discussion in comments.

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