Visual Merchandising Props – How to Make Crepe Paper Fibers

By on October 15, 2012 — Updated on September 10, 2013

Here at The Creativity Window you can notice that I often post tutorials about crepe paper and recycled materials as props because aside from being Eco-friendly, these materials can help you save extra dollars for the other needs of your business.

Today, you can learn another quick and easy tutorial on how to make artificial fibers using crepe paper. I am sure that this will be useful for you window display and other visual merchandising projects.

Tool and Material

  • Crepe Papers
  • Scissors

Red Crepe Paper


Step 1. Cut the crepe paper into strips with about 1.5 inches in width.

Step 2. Get one strip of crepe paper from what you have cut in Step 1 then twist it slightly from end to end. Please watch this short video on how to do the twisting. Sorry if I am not good in making videos but I tried to make a better one. ^_^ Hand model: Rom Salvar

Step 3. Repeat the Step 2 for the other remaining strips of crepe paper to create more fibers. You can ask your friends and family to help you making the fibers while watching TV or during idle time.


Here are some photos of the display where we use crepe paper fibers.

Visual Merchandising Props

Visual Merchandising

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