3 Career Management Tips from Hansel and Gretel, Witch Hunters

By on January 31, 2013 — Updated on February 9, 2016

The last time I watched movie in big screen has been more than half a year ago, and the first movie I watch in big screen this year is Hansel and Gretel, Witch Hunters.

Without much elaboration, I should say, “I like the movie.” And, I couldn’t let this movie slowly fade my memory without reaping something which I can share with you. Here are the tips.

1. Know the People around You

Identify those people who have genuine interest to work with you, those people who do nothing but to raise their eyebrows and compete with you badly.

Sheriff Berringer and his company in the movie are the enemy of the villagers but the witches. However, Sheriff’s ego and jealousy pushes him to make action against Hansel and Gretel as witch hunters who will help to bring the villagers’ children back to their respective families.

People who have genuine interest to work with you would help to achieve your goals but the other group would hinder you to success and even put you down.


2. Nurture the Wannabes

Wannabes are considered to be you like you in their generation. They are those younger ones who have similar interest with you or those who admire you and follow your footsteps.

There is a young man in the movie which can be considered as the number one fan of Hansel and Gretel as they continue their journey on hunting witches. Later on, the young man became a part of their team doing the same mission.

Take note that the best learning avenue is teaching. The more you teach, the more you learn. Do not lock your knowledge and skills in a treasure chest, share them.

3. Capitalize Your Strength and Staff Your Weaknesses

Everyone has weakness, if not weaknesses, and strength. This is the fact and no one is excuse from it. A weakness can be harmful but when you know it and you are prepared, it couldn’t be a hindrance to success.

Hansel knows that dark witches couldn’t harm him and Gretel because they are protected with a charm (a spell that was given to them by their mother, who was a white witch, when they were very young), and he also know that he is diabetic which causes him to be injected with medicine every day. During their final fight with the leader of the witches, he has almost failed when his sicknesses attack him but good that Gretel has injected him immediately with the medicine.

Letting your partner and closest friend know your weaknesses would save you in case that you will be in trouble and you cannot provide solution for yourself. When it comes to this issue, I always hear this, “Capitalize your strength and staff your weaknesses.” In other words, do not act foolishly as if you can do everything. Let other people who more capable of doing the task do it – that is the power of staffing.

Have you watched the movie? What tips you can add?

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