Jewelry Display Ideas for Store Windows and Showcases

By on January 18, 2013 — Updated on September 7, 2013

A valuable object used for personal ornamentation, especially made of precious metals and stones, must be displayed in a manner that shows its worth.

I went to different jewelry shops to observe how the items are presented in the shop and to see whether the display could attract me and other shoppers, including the window shoppers.

Base on my observation, here are few things I can suggest for your jewelry store windows and showcases displays.

Use LCD TV to Display Jewelry Photos

Jewelries are small items which details are not visible from more that on meter away, but a large LCD TV that displays the photos of the tiny products, shot in macro, can show the beauty of the items from a distant point.

Use Photo Frame

If you cannot afford to buy a new LCD TV (but I think that’s impossible for a jewelry shop owner) you can use a photo frames to display the photos of your featured products. You can also use photo frames even if you already have LCD TV. Aside from putting a photo of you product in a photo frame, you can use the jewelry itself to put in the frame.

Contrast and Harmonize

Red for gold and black for silver is the best formula on selecting background color for your jewelry showcase display. Putting complementary items in a display is a best practice ever since because it is the silent way of telling the customers, “Maybe you also like this one.”

Give Enough Space, Do Not Overcrowd

Space is one of the elements of design which is contributory to the comfort of the eyes. But giving enough space for small items, you allow the eyes of your viewers rest. Emphasis on every item is also enhanced when the display is not overcrowded. Overcrowding means messy. Overcrowding means lesser value.

Avoid Using Old Mannequin Parts

Using parts of damaged mannequins give a creepy felling to the viewers of your display — unless that is the purpose of the display. If you have no other props to use aside from your old mannequin, make sure to make the display presentable and professional. Repair, repaint or decorate the damaged mannequin parts which you will be using.

Go for Interactive Display

If you have enough budgets to hire a team of interactive media designers, hire a group of them to conceptualize and set up an interactive window display for your shop. Your business won’t only get attention but also recognition for an innovative and creative shop window in town.

I look forward that this article has helped you. Thank you for reading. Godspeed!

Featured photo: A Beautiful Diamond Might Persuade Her, a photo by chris_san on Flickr.

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