An Overview of MS Lync: What it Does and How it Works

By on February 1, 2013 – Updated on September 8, 2013

If you want to work faster and smarter in your business then Microsoft is giving a very nice tool for effective business communication.

According to the customers, this unified platform for communications, that is enterprise ready, has helped them save more than 2.5 million pounds for every 1000 employees, and that’s in just 6 months. This miraculous product is MS Lync.

The unified communications solutions like the Microsoft Lync aim at integrating different communication activities into a single platform. What happens because of this is that the responsiveness of the employees increases along with the customer service.

This results in immediate reduction of costs.

What you need to know about the software?

MS Lync is a unified communication solution for a business of any size and works by utilizing advanced office tools. Since we use multiple avenues for texting, voice calling and sending IMs it consumes a lot of time as well as resources.

These separate activities slow down you employees, make them miss out on opportunities, they take more time in reaching important decisions, and tasks are complicated and frustrating.

All the channels of your communications are combined together and a seamless continuous flow of activity is maintained.

MS Lync enables you to have a have cross communication, i.e. when you send a message through one medium then the person receiving the message can procure the message through another medium. This result in quick delivery of information on any device they wish.

How the software works?

One thing that sets Microsoft Lync apart from the other software is that one does not need to be an expert in the IT field to be able to use, maintain and deploy the software.

This reflects in the way the software is rolled out in the systems and is adopted by every employee of your business.

Since the software is so simple, it can be used easily by small businesses as well because you do not require a large IT department to handle it.

You can have three different solutions for your business using MS Lync.

  • One solution enables you to deploy it on your premises itself.
  • Another solution enables you to host the software from an external source.
  • The third solution combines the benefits of both the above solutions and the one you choose depend completely on your business requirements and the amount of resources you have.

A decent Microsoft unified communications provider will help you throughout the process and guide you in choosing the best alternative for your business.

MS Lync combines and drives forward the tools mentioned below:

  • Video Conferencing: With a single click employees can join and create video conferences.
  • Presence and IM: which includes photos, instant messaging, location and availability
  • Mobile Apps: the same desktop interface can be carried in your pocket all over the world
  • Enterprise Voice: dedicated access for making VoIP calls and other telephony features
  • Office Integration: since Lync is also a Microsoft product, it is the best in the market UC platform to sync your MS Office and related applications.

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