The Benefits of Saving Images in PNG Format, Transparent Background

By on February 13, 2013 — Updated on February 13, 2013

Saving images in transparent background makes you graphic design tasks fates and easier, especially when you are working on product photos in which removing the background hassles you, every time you need incorporate the product image into your project.

The fastest way to remove photo background is by using Photoshop because doing it in CorelDraw will take a lot of your time. On the others hand, you can also save graphics which you have created in Photoshop, CorelDraw or Illustrator in transparent background.

Basically, you can maintain the transparent background of an image you cut in Photoshop by saving it in a PSD (.psd) format or CDR format if you have done it in CorelDraw, but those raw format will occupy bigger space in your hard drive and it will also take time to open depending on the file size.

To avoid that problem, you can save your image into PNG (Portable Network Graphics) or GIF ( Graphics Interchange Format) formats, but I recommend PNG  because this format is safe especially when you use the files for print design.

Aside from that, a PNG file with transparent background is also useful in web design and blog posts because it can easily blend in with the background of the website.

Now, how to save photo or images in transparent background?

After you have removed the background of the photo in Photoshop, click File on the menu bar then Save As (Ctrl + Shift + S) then write the file name. Below the box where you can write the File Name is the Format, where you can select the file format by clicking the dropdown button. Click the drop-down button then select PNG (*.PNG; *PNS). Click Save.

NOTE: Make sure that your image has RGB color mode (Photoshop Menu > Image > Mode > RGB Color) because in CMYK, the PNG (*.PNG; *PNS) format is not available.

When the PNG Options window pop-ups, select None/Fast under Compression and None under Interlace.

In CorelDraw and Illustrator, you need to export the file then select PNG format.

Free Downloadable Graphics With Transparent Background

On this blog, free graphics in PNG format (as well as GIF format) with transparent background are available to download.

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