Some Interesting Facts You Should Know About Interactive Shop Windows

By on March 20, 2013 – Updated on September 7, 2013

Birthdays are a very special and memorable occasion for everyone and more so for retailers. They certainly want to make such an occasion more memorable by helping you to have that exciting shopping trip to buy a gift for your loved one. As a retailer you may want to make that shopping experience most engaging and exciting by using interactive shop windows.

As a retailer you understand that people love window shopping and most definitely they will find this new phenomenon very exciting. Imagine as the owner of that shopping mall that stocks special gifts for birthdays and other occasions.

You can display those exciting toys and gifts through these special type windows and let the shopper whisper through the window and the display is adjusted accordingly where they can now clearly view that toy they wanted. If it is a clothing outlet you could incorporate this technology to enable the mannequins imitates movement thereby capturing your clients’ attention.

A Technology Behind Interactive Window Display

Such a process is enabled by the Kinect technology that has, especially revolutionized entertainment and is now being adopted in many other fields.

This technology is used in interactive shop windows and other gadgets to give you the illusion that these gadgets are interactive and intelligent. As such whenever a shopper comes to your outlet they can just point to an item through such a window and move it to a position where they can view it more clearly.

In essence this specially designed window is able to recognize sound and motion related to a shopper and actuates these as commands. The underlying technology here is a matter that is beyond the scope of this writing. However, kinect technology is Microsoft Corporation’s invention particularly used within the entertainment and various other industries.

This technology enables computerized devices to respond to external stimuli that can be either through sound or motion. This technology has been incorporated into most entertainment gadgets like the play stations and give these devices a more engaging and fulfilling entertainment value.

In similar manner by installing the interactive shop windows that use this technology you create a more exciting shopper’s experience.

Therefore, as a retailer of gifts and, especially those for birthday occasions you can display these behind interactive shop windows to give the people passing by very exciting shopping experience.

Rather than they get into your shop to ask the attendant to show them some of the items on display, they only motion with their hand over the window and the items are rearranged to give them a better view. In this way these shoppers can make a decision to buy the item or not depending on what you see.

These interactive shop windows are featured in some of the classic shopping malls. The example of window displays which use Kinect are the Marionettebot Display in Japan and Nike Interactive Window Display in London and this will definitely add value to a shopper’s experience.

Since the implementation of this Kinect technology is expensive and limited in certain ways, this type of windows can only be fixed in certain positions at such shopping malls. However, this technique will definitely make your clients’ shopping trip more exciting apart from giving them an opportunity to sample the items on display more interactively.

Photo: By Studio Roosegaarde with Lotte Stekelenburg [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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