Tips and Advice on Trade Show Display and Exhibition Design

By on June 24, 2013 — Updated on February 9, 2016

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Advertising at an important trade show or exhibiting your company’s products and services in a public space is vitally important. It attracts attention to the business, attempts to lure in potential customers and can leave a long lasting impression on everybody who walks by.

Therefore, making sure your stand or exhibit looks the best it possibly can is of great significance. Although this can be a somewhat daunting prospect, there are some cost-effective solutions and simple advice that result in greater exposure, enhanced reputations and crucially more business.

Set specific goals

Before the event takes place, it is a good idea to think of some aims and expectations of the day. Set clear goals and be specific on what you want to achieve.
From simply promoting a product and giving out free samples, to collecting customer data and making sales, having a fixed objective is sure to increase your success.

Prepare a budget

You have to speculate to accumulate in business, so set a budget for the exhibition and try not to exceed your spending limit. Expenses are sure to include:

  • Cost of pitch/exhibition space
  • Staff wages and expenses
  • Transportation costs
  • Cost of free samples
  • Design and printing costs for displays, banners, marketing literature and exhibition graphics

Pick the best location

If you have the opportunity, contact the exhibition or trade show organizers in advance to try and secure the best pitch possible. Some areas might have been more popular than others in previous years, so find out as much information as you can.

There is also a possibility the location will have a big attraction or event, so positioning yourself near this will have its obvious advantages.

Proactive approach

Even though the organizers will be promoting the event, this doesn’t mean you can’t as well. So before the exhibition takes place, make sure you’ve done everything possible to attract potential clientele. This includes:

  • Sending out invitations to existing customers
  • Informing the local press. You may even want to offer a write-up of the event.
  • Advertising the event at the company premises and on your website
  • Using online forums and social networking sites to reach out to attendees

Stand out

With so many exhibitors vying for exposure and a vast array of people walking past, you will have to create a unique spectacle. There are various ways of engaging the public and attracting interest, most of which are visual.

Striking and enticing exhibition graphics with strong visuals are sure to grab the audience’s attention. You may also want to consider displaying a promotional video or conducting informative demonstrations of the product.

Freebies always go down well, especially with kids. So think about branding pens, balloons and key rings with the company logo.

Don’t sit back

 Even after the event, it is important to remain focused and follow up any lines of inquiry. Although you may have an extensive list of potential contacts, every interested party is a potential customer.

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