Visual Merchandising is a Tough Yet Fun Job

By on September 6, 2013 — Updated on September 12, 2013

With the recent boom in the retail business, the importance of visual merchandising is now being recognized as essential. Retail giants have already employed their own kind of visual merchandising as a way to attract potential customers and increase their bottomlines significantly.

In some location, visual merchandising is already an integral part of the retail industry, and they act being a silent salesperson, catching the interest of the customers and enticing them to buy.

For many, the act of shopping is more of a satisfactory and feel-good experience. This need is being fulfilled by retailers who employ the right kind of visual experience to produce an attractive display and persuading customers to make a purchase.

One of the main goals of a visual merchandiser is to make sure the store is providing the right kind of ambiance that is conducive for the shopping customers.

No Simple Task

A lot of people think that a visual merchandising is a simple task, but in reality there are a lot of factors to consider such as lighting, windows display, store layout and mannequins to state a number of examples.

In order to excel in visual merchandising, you need to have good grasps when it comes to inventory, psychology, fashion, designing, psychology, architectural principles and other visual merchandising skills. A lot of experts now consider this new field as fashion marketing.

Windows Is the Door To Shopping Profits

One of the most important focus of visual marketing is the windows designing since it plays an essential role in attracting foot traffic.

Experts in visual marketing recognize this fact and makes use of their creativity when it comes to designing the windows storefront. They have to think the store as a whole unit and formulate effective techniques and strategies that will convert any onlookers to buying customers.

Planogram Is The Name Of The Program

Interior designing is also very important when it comes to converting a potential customer to a purchasing customer. Visual merchandising experts employ something called a “Planogram” (POG), a piece of document specifying where and how the merchandise are being presented within the retail space.

This planogram documents the information regarding store square footage, sizes of the shelf, dimension, merchandise and other important factors that need to be considered.

Visual Experience To Provide Brilliance

Visual merchandising focuses a lot on blending both functionality and aesthetics. The visual experience should be able to communicate to the customers about the discounted products, fresh products, themes and styles.

For a retail business to thrive, visual presentation is one of the most critical factor; thus visual merchandisers should be thorough when it comes to this aspect.

Oftentimes, visual merchandisers will segregate different areas of the retail space with different theme and style whose goal is to persuade customers for increased spending.

Another neat trick for visual merchandisers to employ is changing the color and theme of the interior design and windows display together with the changing seasons. This will help keep the store looking fresh and always interesting for customers.

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