Willow Sculptures by Topiary Art Designs

By on March 31, 2014 — Updated on March 31, 2014

Watery bark sap, soft tough wood, slender branches, and large, fibrous roots is a willow tree.

Its pliant branches are used for basketry and many other artistic purposes like creative sculptures of animals, mannequin and objects.

The pliant willow stems are also used to make garden features, such as decorative panels and obelisks and some are woven into shapes such as domes and tunnels.

Aside from these art uses, the tree is also grown for biomass or biofuel, in energy forestry systems and to produce nectar from which bees can make honey.

Check these willow sculptures by Topiary Art Designs and be inspired.

As stated on the Topiary Art Designs website,  these natural willow are just the rustic look that many people are looking for.

Using steel sculptures as the base then weaving willow over them, creates a strong and detailed willow sculpture that will be long lasting and require only an occasional coat of wood treatment for the winters.

Willow sculptures can also be made like planters and have plants planted into them.

These pieces have been used very successfully by city councils mixing both willow sculpture and living plants to make a stunning display.

Photos by  Topiary Art Designs.

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