What’s new? – A Question that Customers Always Ask

By on October 14, 2016 — Updated on October 14, 2016

Every product that people may need is probably available already in the market. Some of the products flourish and some simply vanish naturally.

If fact, there is nothing new in world. Everything today is just a modified version of the old one. However, businesses keep on looking for different ways to satisfy the most common question being asked by the customers: What’s new?

If you are a business owner, the ‘new’ thing does not only mean new product or services you offer. Think about answering that single important question in a more creative manner. Here some suggestions you may follow:

  1. New Window Display – the first to capture the attention of people in your street is a window display in front your store, but no one will be interested of it anymore if it is already a six-month-old display.
  2. New Signage and Graphics – new materials means freshness, and it would add impression to your customers that you are trying your best to invest on something to make your business grow.
  3. New Store Lay-out – it doesn’t mean that you have to totally remodel the whole interior of your store; you can simply move some tables and cabinets into different location or reshuffle your furniture.
  4. New Product Bundle – old items that are put together in one bundle will give them better salability. It has been proven by my friends who are working as sales staff of a mall that the nonperishable item which are not sold for more than a year were being sold out after they put them in a hamper.
  5. New Product Arrangement – do not expect that the shoppers see all your products when they roam around your store; try to transfer slow moving items in the places where they are highly visible.
  6. New Promotion – excite your customer with new offers or special prices. Shorter promotion period will give the customer a sense of urgency, and if you plan to do a promotion after another, make sure that the mechanics of next promotion is different from the preceding ones.
  7. New Face and Uniform – though a new staffs sometime will give negative impression to the customers because they may not know yet the nature of their job, they can will also bring new customers if you train them well. Plus a new employee’s uniform will add good image to your business.

There are many new things you can do for your business to satisfy the need of customers of new things. All you need is your guts to try something which you have not done or brought into your store before.

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