Rock Balancing: It’s Fun and Here’s How to Do It

By on January 28, 2017 — Updated on January 30, 2017

Rock balancing is sometimes called stone balancing. It is an enjoyable activity by which stones are piled and naturally balance by the help of the earth’s gravity. It has four known styles which are the balance stacking, counterbalance, freestyle, and pure balance.

The formation can be used as an interesting decoration in an outdoor garden.

Since the principle being applied in this discipline is balancing, the use of elements like support, adhesives, rings, and wires is discouraged. This is the reason why the Stonehenge does not belong under the art of rock balancing because is a monument of supported rocks.

amazing rock balancing

Stonehenge, which is found in Wiltshire, England, is one of the known prehistoric monuments in the world. It is also the one most famous landmark in the United Kingdom, and is considered as a British cultural icon.

How to Balance Rocks

The process of rock balancing starts from the section of rocks. The beauty of your final product will depend upon the form of the rocks you have collected.

river stone balancing

I would suggest that you include the thin, wide and slender forms in you selection.

Another factor is the weight of the stones because there are stone that are large yet light and others are small yet heavy. Especially for the counterbalance style which lower rocks depend on the weight of upper rocks to maintain balance.

stone balancing piling

If your selection of rocks is ready, start piling the rocks depending on what final look you wanted to be. Usually, piling and balancing is experimental and take persistence and concentration.


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