What You Should Know about Trade Fair Display and Exhibit Booth Design

By on June 20, 2017 — Updated on June 20, 2017

Joining a trade fair is one of the good practices to promote your business or organization. It will not only offer you an avenue to sell your products and service, but will also provide you an opportunity to create lasting impression to the consumers on what is the best your business can offer to its target market.

In any trade fair, an exhibit booth is the center of a business. It is the structure where you can showcase your goods, and anything that you can offer to the consumers. This is the reason why making your booth looks the best it possibly can is very very important.

Here some tips on how to make an effective trade fair booth:

Be generous with information.

Make sure that the important information about your products and services are available in the booth. You can display brochures and flyers on the table or shelve, or you can stick poster on the wall, or hang banners around your booth. It is also advisable that labels and signage are computerized and clearly printed.

Take note that the value of your products and services increases or decreases depending on the information you feed to the consumers.

In one seminar, the speaker showed to the crowd a pen and ask them how much they are willing to pay for that pen if it is being sold. Many said that they are willing to pay for about a dollar or two. Then the speaker added that it was an old pen and has no ink. That time, no one wanted to buy the pen. When the speaker said, “The case of this pen is 24 carat gold!” They crowd laugh, and many were willing to buy it for hundreds of dollars.

That is how information changes the value of a product. Higher value means higher price.

Apply the ACE Principle of product presentation.

ACE stands for Attract, Connect, and Engage. This essential steps in product presentation is useful in bringing target customers to your booth.

The first thing that you are going to consider is how to ATTRACT people in the event into your booth. This means that you need to make it eye-catching to trigger the interest of the consumer about what your business or organization can offer.

Next is to CONNECT your business with their experiences, emotion or lifestyle of the people around. This is where the ‘theme’ and ‘motif’ of your booth come in. You can also employ here the props and different settings of the venue.

Then ENGAGE the consumers. This is the time that the participation of the people who visit your both is employed. Engaging the consumers is done through product testing, demonstration, free sampling, and other participative activity.

Focus on presenting the best of your organization.

When it comes to exhibit booth contest, there are cases that some participants are discourage to showcase the best of their organization because they saw the winning potential of other competitors from the begining.

Recently, I was invited to be one of the judges of an agri-trade fair exhibit booth contest, and I had discovered that some of the participants had lost hope of winning the competition because of the strength of their competitors, but forgets about what best their own organization can offer.

Remember that every entity has strengths and weaknesses, and the winner knows how to handle both.

If you want you want your organization to stand out of the crowd, you need to showcase the unique points and strengths of your organization in the most creative way.

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